Dec 3, 2019 Newsletter

Dec 3, 2019 Newsletter

Wildcat Racing News

Broken Parts

On Nov 17 the RC Club held its fourth race of the year.  Overly aggressive driving led to broken parts, less track time and fewer points. In Heat 1 of Round 1 in the Slash Class Eric drove a smart, wreck free race for the win with 17 laps in 5:16.94. Following him were Alex R., Benjamin, Nathan, Clarence and Sean. In Heat 2 of Round 1 in the Slash Class Rohail drove a very good race for the victory with 13 laps in 5:19.54. Following him were Ben C., Carter, Ryan, Edwin, Alex K., and Andres S. In Round 2 of the Slash Class overly aggressive driving led to too many crashes. In Heat 1 Eric edged out Nathan by one second for the top spot with 16 laps in 5:09.23. Following them were Henry, Benjamin S., Alex R., Clarence and Sean. In Heat 2 Carter drove a very good race for the win with 14 laps in 5:05.48. Following him were Andres, Rohail, Ryan, Edwin, and Alex K. The Slash Mains provided a lot of thrilling action and devastating crashes. In the “B” Main Rohail drove very well to earn first place and a bump up to the “A” Main. He had 14 laps in 5:05.48. Behind him were Ben C., Alex K., Ryan and Edwin. In the “A” Main Eric and Nathan again battled for the top spot. Staying out of trouble Eric got the win with 16 laps in 5:04.85. Nathan was six seconds behind. Following them were Benjamin S., Andres, Alex R., Rohail, Clarence, Carter, and Henry.

The Student Touring Class provided some high-speed thrills and spills. In Heat 1 Benjamin S. drove an excellent race to earn the victory with 16 laps in 5:05.85. Behind him were Clarence and Brock. In Heat 2 Eric blew the doors off the field with 16 laps in 5:05.18. Eric showed great control and made few mistakes. Following him were Rohail, Alex R., Brayden, and Nathan. In Round 2 the action continued. In Heat 1 Brock drove a very good race edging out Andres by three seconds with 13 laps in 5:13.06. They were followed by Henry, Benjamin S. and Clarence. In Heat 2 Eric drove even better with a TQ mark of 19 laps in 5:14.33. He was followed by Nathan, Rohail, Brayden, and Alex R. In the mains competition was tight. Brayden drove extremely well for the “B” Main victory with 17 laps in 5:14.75. His victory bumped him into the “A” Main. In the “A” Main Eric continued is winning ways and excellent driving for the win with 19 laps in 5:17.64. Behind him were Benjamin S., Nathan, Brayden, Rohail, Andres, Brock, and Alex R.

In the SCT Class the intensity picked up and parts were broken. In Heat 1 Benjamin S. drove an excellent race for the top spot with 15 laps in 5:11 .93. Following him were Nathan, Andres, Clarence, Brock, Alex R. and Edwin.  In Heat 2 Rohail drove very well for the victory with 14 laps in 5:28.93. Behind him were Carter and Alex K. In Round 2 carless driving led to fewer laps and less points. In Heat 1 Benjamin S. drive very well for the win with 14 laps in 5:23.85. Following him were Nathan, Alex R., Brock, Clarence, Andres and Edwin. In Heat 2 There was some better driving. Ben C. got the win with very good driving, He had 13 laps 5:00.82. Behind him were Rohail, Carter, Ryan, and Alex K. The Mains were cancelled. There was very good racing in the Off Road Truck Class. Clarence drove very well for the “A” Main victory. Our members did a great job announcing the races.


Thanks to Mr. Ratowski and Mr. Baker for all of their help. Thanks to our volunteer “Pit Crew” that helped our racers repair their many broken parts. Thanks to all of the parents who pitched in to help. Thanks to our club members for their good behavior off the track. Thanks to our Hadley custodians for their usual great job. Thanks to the Hadley office staff for all of their help. Special thanks to Nathan and his family for bringing chips to sell at our races.

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