Feb 11, 2020 Newsletter

Feb 11, 2020 Newsletter

Rough House Racing

The RC Club raced on Sunday, Feb 9. The racing was rough and tough at times and other times the racing was very clean and controlled. In the Slash Class there several drivers that racked up a lot of very clean laps. In Heat 1 of Round 1 Nathan edged out Carter for the top spot by ten seconds. He had 16 laps in 5:00.04.  In Heat 2 of Round 1 Eric lapped the field for a victory with 17 laps in 5:02.32. In Heat 1 of Round 2 Nathan was again victorious with a great drive of 19 laps in 5:12.14. In Heat 2 of Round 2 Eric again got a jump on the field and racked up another win with 17 laps in 5:05.50. In a three way battle for second place Andres was second with 16 laps in 5:09.03, Alex R. was third with 16 laps in 5:11.21, and Rohail was fourth with 16 laps in 5:12.23. In the “B” Main Edwin edged out Alex K. by two seconds for the top spot and a chance to race in the “A” Main. Both drivers arrived late. In the “A” Main Nathan rolled to his third consecutive victory with 18 laps in 5:02.53.

In the SCT Class the hard-hitting action continued. In Round 1 Nathan won by squeaking out the victory over Benjamin S. by five seconds. Nathan had 16 Laps in 5:06.9. In Round 2 Nathan and Benjamin again dueled for the top spot surviving a lot crashes. Nathan edge out Benjamin by six seconds with 14 laps in 5:00.99. In the Main Nathan completed the hat trick with his third victory in a row again edging out Benjamin. Nathan had 18 laps in 5:14.51.

In the Student Touring Class the speeds were higher and the lap times quicker. In Round 1 Eric, Brayden, and Nathan drove hard for the number one spot. Eric squeezed by both by three seconds over Brayden and nine seconds over Nathan.  Eric had 19 laps 5:05.49. In Round 2 Brayden and Eric again fought for the win, Brayden got by Eric by three seconds with 19 laps in 5:01.85.  In the Main Eric and Brayden drove their best races of the day, Eric out lasted Brayden with 21 laps in 5:10.10.

In the Student Buggy Team Competition our five teams battled for the top spots. Each team is named after the color of the bumper on their buggy. In Round 1 the Blue team top the list with 16 laps in 5:08.07. In Round 2 the Green Team was the winner with 15 laps 5:00.60. In the Main the Pink blew away the field with a great drive of 20 laps in 5:0.37.

Thank You

Thanks to the members of our volunteer “Pit Crew” who came in early and rolled out the carpet and helped our drivers throughout the day of racing. Thanks to Mr. Baker for organizing the clean up in the gym. Thanks to Nathan for coming in early to help out. Thanks to the Hadley custodians for their usual great job. Thanks to the Hadley office staff for all of their help. Thanks to the P.E. Dept. for sharing their facility with us. Thanks to Mr. Holm, for taking care of our website.

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