Jan 14, 2020 Newsletter

Jan 14, 2020 Newsletter

Wildcat Racing News

Great Performances

On Sunday, January 12 the RC Club held its first race of the new year. While some drivers were shaking off the rust from their Winter break, others turned in great performances.

In the Slash Class aggressive driving led to some great driving and bad crashes. In Heat 1 of Round 1 Ben C., one of the Forest Glen crew, got the win with 15 laps in 505. 74. He was closely followed by Andres in 2nd place. Following them were Benjamin S., Clarence, Alex K., amd Ryan . In Heat 2 of Round 1 Nathan  and Sean battled for the top spot. Nathan was the winner with 16 laps in 5:03.28 and Sean was second. Behind them were Alex R., Rohail, Brock, Edwin, Eric and Bobby.  In Heat 1 of Round 2 Benjamin S. got the victroy with 17 laps in 5:02.71. Andres, Clarence, Ben C., Alex K., Ryan and Henry followed. In Heat 2 of Round 2 Eric blew the doors off the field with a two lap victory of 18 laps in 5:10.58.  Trailing him were Sean, Alex R., Bobby, Edwin, Rohail, Nathan and Brock. In the mains the driving improved as the drivers tried to reach the top spot. In the “B” Main Rohail drove a clean, cool race for a dominating victory of 16 laps in 5:14.35. His success bumped him into the “A” Main. Following him were Clarence, Alex K., Ryan, Edwin, Henry, and Bobby. In the “A” Main Benjamin S. cruised to the top spot on the podium with a 19 lap, 5:13.39 victory. The drivers behind him were Nathan, Eric, Andres, Alex R, Ben C., Sean and Rohail.

In the SCT Class the heavy action continued.  In Heat 1 of Round 1 Ben C. got first place with a very good drive of 16 laps in 5:05.51. Rohail, Alex K, Nathan, and Ryan followed him. In Heat 2 of Round 1 Benjamin S. continued his hot driving for the win with 18 laps in 5:09.99. Andres, Alex R., Bobby, and Clarence trailed him. In Heat 1 of Round 2 Nathan covered the field by two laps in a  run away victory of 18 laps in 514.53. Following him were Ben C., Sean, Rohail, Alex K., Edwin and Ryan. In Heat 2 of Round 2 Andres drove very well to get the win with 17 laps in  507.93. Behind him were Alex  R., Clarence, and Bobby. In the mains some of the drivers gave their best performances. In the “B” Main Ryan drove one of his best races to get the victrory with 16 laps in 5:18.40. He was followed by Alex K., Edwin and Bobby. In the “A” Main Benjamin was again the dominant driver with 18 laps in 5:02.74. He had a great drive to victoy. Ben C, Nathan and Rohail, Clarence, Ryan, Akex R, and Andres followed.

In the Traxxas 4-Tec touring car class the drivers drove hard, sometimes costing them a high finish. In Round 1 Eric lapped the field on his way to 20-lap victory in 5:02.15. He was followed by Brayden, Rohail, Andres, Clarence, Henry and Benjamin. In Round 2 there was a fantastic battle for the top spot between two drivers. Brayden was first with 19 laps in 5:03.46. Benjamin S. was second with 19 laps in 5:23.03. Following them were Henry, Rohail, Andres, Eric and Clarence. In the Main Benjamin S. drove a great race to the win with 21 laps in 5:41.36. Eric edged out Brayden for second place in a close battle. Rohail was fourth, Andres was fifth, Henry was sixth, and Clarence was seventh.

In the Hadley Team Challenge the teams drove their Traxxas Bandits hard over the jump sending somersaulting. Since the cars only come in two paint schemes, the cars are named after the color of their bumpers. In Round 1 the Black Team drove well for the top spot with 16 laps in 5:12.21. The Green, Pink, and Blue teams were in a tight battle for second. The Pink Team was second with 13 laps in 5:05.07, the Blue team was third with 13 laps in 5:17.84, and the Green Team was fourth with 13 laps in 5:18.14, The Red Team was fifth. This race was also a “Ninja” race. The Black Team and Blue Team earned a point because their Ninja did not fall off. In Round 2 The Blue Team had the best score with 16 laps in 5:05.43. It was followed by Pink, Black, Green and Red Teams. The Pink Team earned a point because its Ninja did not fall off. In the Main the Pink Team lapped the field with a 17 lap 5:10.67 win. Behind them were the Blue, Green, Black and Red Teams.


Thanks to the Hadley custodial staff for having the sidewalks cleared and salted for us when we arrived. Thanks to our volunteer “Pit Crew” who not only help our drivers, but also set up tables and chairs, roll out the carpet and put the tables and chairs away. Thanks to Mr. Baker for helping out members and supervising the rolling up of the carpet. Thanks to the Hadley office staff for their help. Thanks to Nathan for the great job selling pop and snacks. Thanks to he and his family for donating chips to sell. Thanks to our members for their good behavior.

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