Jan 27, 2020 Newsletter

Jan 27, 2020 Newsletter

Rug Burn Racing

  On Sunday, Jan. 26 the RC Club went racing and the many crashes left some rug burned bodies, dents and broken parts. Those drivers that drove clean races with great control did well and scored more points. In the Slash class the drivers got tangled in some vicious crashes. In Heat 1 of Round 1 there was a close fought battle between Ben C., Alex R., and Carter N. Ben was first, Alex was second, and Carter was third. All three had fourteen laps. Following them were Edwin S, Ryan, and Alex K. In Heat 2 of Round 1 Benjamin blistered the field with a runaway victory of 17 laps. Behind him were Sean, Nathan, Rohail, and Andres . In Heat 1 of Round 2 Alex R., earned a very good win with 14 laps. Behind him were Carter, Ryan, Edwin, Ben C. and Alex K. In Heat 2 of Round 2 Benjamin and Eric Scherer dueled for the top spot. Both drove outstanding races with 17 laps. Benjamin edged out Eric by three seconds for the top spot. After them came Nathan, Andres, and Rohail. In the Mains the heavy duty bashing continued and drivers were sidelined with broken trucks. In the “B” Ryan was victorious bumping him into the “A” Main. Behind him were Rohail, Edwin, and Alex K. In the “A” Main Nathan drove a great race with 17 laps. After him came Carter, Andres, Benjamin, Ben C., Sean, Alex R. and Ryan.

In the SCT Class the mayhem continued. In the Heat 1 of Round 1 Carter drove very well to get the win with 16 laps. Behind him were Ryan, Ben C., Sean and Alex K. In Heat 2 of Round 1 Benjamin rolled on to another victory with 16 laps. Trailing him were Nathan, Rohail, Alex R., Andres, and Edwin. In Heat 1 of Round 2 Sean and Nathan dueled for the win. Both had 15 laps. Nathan just got by Sean with by less than five seconds. Ryan, Ben C. and Alex K. followed. In Heat 2 of Round 2 Benjamin S. chalked up his second consecutive victory with 15 laps. He was followed by Andres, Alex R., Rohail, Edwin and Nathan. In the SCT “B” Main Nathan drove very well with sixteen laps and his win bumped him into the “A” Main. Trailing him were Alex R. and Edwin. In the “A” Main Nathan rolled onto another top spot with 16 laps. In a three-way battle for second Carter was second, Andres was third and Benjamin was fourth. All three had 15 laps. The rest of the field was Ben C., Alex R. Rohail, and Ryan.

In the Student Touring Class drivers drove hard for the top spot. In Round 1 Nathan and Andres drove well for the top spot battle. Andres edged out Nathan by seven seconds. Both had 15 laps. Eric, Rohail, Benjamin S., Brock Sebring, and Carter followed. In Round 2 Eric lapped the field with a great drive of 16 laps to win. Following him were Nathan, Brayden, Rohail, Alex R., Benjamin S., Brock, Carter and Andres. In the Main Nathan drove very well for the victory with 15 laps. Behind him were Rohail, Alex R., Carter, Benjamin, Brayden, and Andres.

    The Hadley Team Challenges saw some beautiful jumps. The teams in this class rotate their drivers and are named after the color of the cars’ bumpers. In Round 1 there was a tight three-way battle between the Red Team, Pink Team, and Black Team. Each team had 13 laps. The Red team was 1st, the Pink Team was 2nd, and Black team was 3rd.  Behind them were the Blue Team and Green Team. In Round 2 the Pink Team drove a great race with 17 laps. Behind them were the Blue Team, Green, Red Team and Black Team. In the Main the Blue team was the winner with 15 laps. The Black team, Pink Team and Green Team followed. The Red Team was taken out with a broken rear hub and a bent shock shaft.

Carter was the winner of the Off Road truck “A” Main.


Thanks to Nathan for coming in extra early and doing a great job of selling pop. Thanks to Mr. Tucibot and Cole for coming in early and rolling out all of the carpet. Thanks to Mrs. Coombs for help marshaling. Thanks to the Hadley custodial staff for their usual great work. Thanks to the Hadley office staff for their help. Thanks to our “Pit Crew” volunteers for their help.

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